Greetings viewer!

The Channel X is broadcasting from an Extra Dimensional Video Dreamtime deep into your brain via your browser.

Featuring cult classics, independent short films and a curated pool of surreal video entertainment from all corners of the web, we celebrate the best (and the worst) in genre entertainment, including schlock cinema, horror, sci-fi & pop culture.

Channel X is the Ghost of 20th century late night television – celebrating the altered state of consciousness created by heavy doses of sleep deprivation, and channel surfing bizarre public access shows, animated shorts and cult movies. With the occasional host of course to guide viewers through nights of high strangeness. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


*Side Effects Disclaimer

The Channel X is not responsible for any negative side effects from viewership, such as botched trepanations, cerebral mutation, self immolation and or spontaneous cranial explosion.